Oooh, Pretty

I subscribed to oh comely half a year ago, before we moved out of my parents' and still had a tangible though meager spending allowance.  For some reason, I'm only now getting them, and they've come in threes, one right after the other (two were doubles, but I'm not complaining).


I picked up this magazine first in a periodical shop at the train station in Manchester, and have been itching for a peek ever since.  Their mission is to add a little sunshine to daily living.  I would point out that it is a particular kind of sunshine.  That quiet, mellow kind, just peeping out from the frayed edge of a cloud after a summer English shower.  Light settling on things, even more transparent than usual.

It would be a joy to work for a magazine like this.  Ascending the stairs to what I imagine is a laid-back, disheveled office with jointed towers of ceramic mugs.  The soundtrack of London folk-inspired and indie tunes playing all day in the background.  Writing little articles that are simple noticings of life, accentuated by prim and pretty pictures.


I could take the baby in on Fridays, and the rest of the week, my mother would bring him to me for lunch, and I would nurse him, and we would eat Cornish pasties and salad.  I would save up my money to buy three or four articles of clothing from Noa Noa, and scour for the rest of my wardrobe in charity shops with what's left over.

It would certainly be a pretty life.  But would it be meaningful?


  1. ..I'm sure it would be meaningful, but it's one of those things, you know? If it's your vocation to be a mother working outside the home (which, is a vocation for some) it could be deliciously meaningful, but if you are called to stay at home all the delights of the offices would eat away at you & you would start to hate even the towering ceramic mugs - a horrible thought!

    I know exactly what you mean though, I create a similar mental picture in which the majority of my days are spent throwing in a lovely, open-walled studio and firing in the wood-kiln I haven't had the time of money to make yet. I like the image of myself doing these things, but they don't leave a lot of time for Petka. :)

    1. I think that's more what it is for me--the image of doing them. A life of comfort and of what I want, and not necessarily what God has in store for me.


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