Top Ten {Tuesday}

1.  Do pick an eye-catching picture.

Especially when you're looking at a long list of links like 7 Quick Takes Friday at Conversion Diary.  I skim over the block of entries, and, almost subconsciously, pause for a longer look if the picture catches my eye.

Try not to use the same picture every time, or your profile pic.  If you want regulars to recognize you, your name and blog title will do the trick.

2.  Do include the title of your blog.

After I've paused on the picture to see if it strikes my interest, I look to see who posted the link.  If it merely says "Christie," it doesn't tell me anything much about the topic of the post and content of your blog.  But if you include "Christie @ Everything to Someone," then I've got an idea.  If the title of your blog alerts me to a shared interest or is otherwise interesting to me, I'll probably click on it, just to check it out.

3.  Do have an interesting blog title.

No disrespect; some of the best blogs are simply named.  But if you want to get my attention out of a big line-up, something clever like 11 On My Own will get priority over Myrtle's Blog.

(Note: I tried to pick an unpopular name for the latter one in order to make up a blog title, but a quick Google search confirmed I was wrong.)

4.  Do have an aesthetically pleasing blog.

I know that the actual content of a blog is much more important, but a pretty and well-organized blog has a similar endorphin-releasing effect as eating a piece of cake.  There's a reason they call it eye candy.  I'll be much more likely to come back for more in the future if your blog's a pleasure to look at, as well as a pleasure to read.

5.  Do include pictures.

They don't have to be a lot; they don't even have to be actual photographs, but images are an immediate screen-to-brain transference of information.  If I see something I like, I'll want to read on.

6.  Do have easy-to-read posts.

I don't mean they have to be short, though especially long posts can be daunting to the time-cramped modern reader.  I mean use easy to read font, preferably dark on a light background.  Divide thoughts into paragraphs.  This simply makes it easier for a reader to follow along.

And don't use incorrect grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Just don't.

7.  Do use lists, charts, bolded subtitles, and other reading aids.

Again, this helps with ease of reading.  Also, it allows me to get the gist of the subject of the post without commitment, and I'm more likely to come back and read it in full if I'm pressed for time.

8.  Do have good content.

This goes without saying.  c;

But here I might add that mixing it up and having a variety of topics will make more of an opportunity for a variety of people to make a connection, as our interests lead us.  Oh, and humor never hurts!

9.  Do have clear, organized links to About sections and other features of your blog.

If I want to get a quick gist of what your blog's about, I go straight to these pages.

10.  Do make it easy for me to follow you.

If I happen upon a "Follow Me!" or a "Join this Site" button as I'm scrolling down, I'm more apt to click on it as the opportunity presents itself.


What makes you stop and notice a link on a link-up?  What makes you stay?  What makes you come back for more?  Should I seriously take my own advice already?

Have any more tips to add to this list?  Please share your insights!

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