Talking about nail polish reminded me I haven't had color on my nails since before the Squirt was born.  It does make me feel a bit more "polished" having my nails "done."  If done you could call them, as I see by looking at these pictures that not only are my fingers chubby, but my hands could use some moisturizer (and a professional would probably seriously frown at my cuticles).

Also, I think hand model is out of the question for potential careers.

Oh, well.  I like my hands.  They're my mother's hands, whose are her mother's.  I realized this one day when the three of us were in close vicinity, probably sitting together and talking.  Probably holding and touching hands.  I noticed how similar they all were: the lined joints, graceful fingers, and round nail beds.  My grandmother's and mother's are virtually identical; when I hold my grandmother's hand it's like looking at the hand of my mother in twenty years.

Mine are smaller than theirs, but they're the same hands.




    I'm a C&E nail polish wearer... I put polish on my fingernails at Christmas and Easter. ;) Toes sometimes get the whole summer, but I forget in the winter. This past Christmas I did red and green on my toes with my sister and nieces. And finally took it off this morning in preparation for the Triduum. :P

    You make me want to go see if I have my mother's hands. I think I do. I have her face and my dad's build, but it never occurred to me to check hands. But I loved your thoughts on that. Anyway, you've got a beautiful hand... nothing to be ashamed of, not even the cuticles. ;)

  2. Ooh! Jenna YOU should post a hand photo to!!

    Christie, They look like either earth or fire hands from here, and your fingers are lovely - your artistic finger leans toward your 'work' finger, btw, which is a good sign if you want to earn money from your writing ;)..and your 'mind' finger leans toward your work finger too!! It's a good hand!! I would love to see your palms..but, on second thought..Anyway, it's a fantastic idea for a post! And the nail polish looks good too!

  3. Love this color and that lovely ring! So cute! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  4. @Jenna

    It's an old nail polish, and I've left it at my parents', or I'd tell you the color! We call C&E people CEO's around here: Christmas and Easter Only.

    Hands, teeth, and eyebrows are the things I notice on people. My sisters are even worse than me! They identify people like this: "The one with the white, crooked front tooth" or "the girl with the really good, thick eyebrows"!


    Are earth hands good with soil and growing? Because if so, then they must be fire hands! I do like candles, bonfires, burning hearths, sparklers, and the like.

    Though the picture might be misleading since my hand wasn't lying flat.


    The ring is from Premier Jewelry, a designer costume jewelry company my friend worked for for a while, kind of like Avon and Mary Kay. It is pretty, isn't it? c:

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. I want your friend Masha to tell me what my hands look like...

  6. @Gena

    She might not mind, but you have to show her a picture of your hand first,silly! c;

  7. I wouldn't mind..:)

    And no, unfortunately, earth hands have not connection to 'green thumbs' earth hands are more grounded, they don't like to be uprooted, they like stability and simple loves, they ponder a lot, and they are 'crafter' (not "crafty" :P) hands..they're healer hands, and sometimes stubborn hands.. I like them, they would have done me a world of good ;)


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