My Momiform

(1)  Faded Glory v-neck t-shirts.  I have two for variation, one striped, one solid.
(2)  Any brand of plain black leggings.  Preferably thicker and/or with more built-in support.  Switch to jeans or a skirt to instantly fancy it up.
(3)  Jeweled flip flops.  Not my shoes pictured, but something similar, with thinner straps.  Worn so much the soles are peeling off of the bottoms.
(4)  Over-sized silver heart locket.  A gift from my adopted godmother.  Something thin and delicate makes casual pretty; chunky and beaded if I want to be more formal or make a "statement."  Ha!  I'm hilarious.

Uniform can be varied by mixing and matching shoes, jewelry, and hairstyles.

What's your go-to outfit look like?



  1. This is a great idea!!

    my 'go-to' outfit is:

    Silk-wrap skirts (not fancy..really, I just have about a million of them). I usually layer them two or three deep because I tend to have burn-holes in at least one layer of every skirt I own ;p..I'm always getting too close to the stove with them!

    Shockingly low black shirt: I have about five..or six. they're all low-cut (which I'm learning, is not good for teaching the milk-obsessed patience).

    Scarf: sometimes scarf + necklace, but generally just scarf

    Sweater: to cover up the shockingly low shirt, and 'cause it's cold (generally black, but I have blue too!)

    Muck boots: blue and pink! How awesome is that?


    I keep forgetting that you don't live up here..I was worrying for you for a while..'Just t-shirts! Oh no Christie! You need at least a sweater, right?" And then I remembered..Christie doesn't live in Maine..right. Enjoy that heat! ;)

  2. Aw, yeah!! CUTE flip-flops. And cute heart necklace. And cute T-shirts. As for yoga pants, they look so comfortable, but they do not make them for girls with thirty-six inch inseams.

    I'm not far removed from you, actually. I wear T-shirts (long-sleeve or short-sleeve) bought in the Juniors department and jeans. And a friend just gave me a St. Benedict medal on a rather masculine chain, which, weirdly enough, I've fallen in love with... I wear it under my clothes, though. :)

    Most days, I also wear cute, cheap earrings... it's always tempting to buy the little-girl ones at WalMart, but I have held back so far...

    @Masha, I love your outfit, too. The silk wrap skirts and sexy black shirts sound like fun. As do the colorful boots. I LOVE color. :D

  3. @M.
    I L-l-l-love earrings. I have a gratuitous collection of all shapes, sizes, and materials, from the huge disks carved and polished from coconut husk to the delicate little glass-vintage dangling beads.

    But since gaining so much weight, I've been really self-conscious about wearing earrings that draw attention to the roundness of my face and the double chin. :c

    For the shirt, that's an easy fix. Before you go out or have company, slip a tank top on underneath. Or a lace cami to make it sort of fancy. Low collars are good for easy nursing.

    Yes, we are wearing shirts and flip flops now, and it's actually even a bit too hot for long pants.

    May we have a picture of those boots, pretty please!

  4. @Jenna
    Oh yoga pants! That makes them sound much more sophisticated than black stretch pants or leggings.

    I have a handful of little girl earrings that I whip out for holidays and when I want to feel spunky! One is a mismatched pair of a candy and a lollipop. <3

  5. @Christie..go for earrings!! Especially the huge ones..they're slimming more than anything for least, I'm convinced they are - and I have a decidedly Polish face ;)


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