Five Favorites (vol. 8)

It's almost 3 AM here, and someone isn't the least bit sleepy.  We had a long nap today, but still, this is insanity.  Life has been one long adventure in insomnia since The Squirt was born.  Not sleeping is his superpower.  But it's too much of a nuisance to make him a superhero.  He'd have to be a super villain.  Just call him The Insomniac.

So, Five Favorites:

1.  When in Rome art print by Rebekka Seale

About a year of fandom from me for this Nashville artist; she paints with minuscule brushes that really do the trick.  And well, yeah . . . Flannery O'Connor.  Southern Catholics are their own special breed of Awesome.

2.  Ulta nail polish in TuTu Cute

The nail polish from here.  Coming in handy now with a top coat of Sally Hansen Instadry clear nail polish.

3.  The Ink Nest

At $8 a set, you might think t's a bit pricey for four to twelve little doodle things that only exist in virtual space.  But the cost of custom clip art for a blog, stationary, or business would be much more costly.  And they're so pretty!

4.  Mrs. Meyers Clean Day cleaners in Basil

I like all Mrs. Meyers Clean Day cleaning materials because they're non-toxic and come in natural scents that smell like a dream.  Basil, though, is by far the best--even beating out lavender.  It's literally the freshest my home ever smells.  It's expensive, but a little bit goes a long way.

5.  emerald earrings

From  But I really like the ones Martha found.  Did you know green, especially that almost teal-green, is my favorite color?


See more favorites at Hallie's.



  1. 1. I <3 Flannery O'Connor. I seriously considered giving one of my girls Flannery as a middle name.

    5. Beautiful!

  2. I'm addicted to Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena..but basil??? hmm...sounds fantastic

  3. 1. GOOD HEAVENS that woman is quotable.

    4. Maybe I should try Mrs. Meyer's, since Lysol apparently stopped making spray bottles anyway. And I love basil so much that I could see the scent being won.der.ful.

    5. The varied blends of blue and green work together to make up my favorite color, too! I love teal, and turquoise, and aquamarine, and the color of the ocean, and looking up at blue sky through green leaves... and those earrings are adorable. ;)

  4. #1. Ya-yes!!

    #5. I saw a similar pair form Stella & Dot, but could not part with the cash to buy them. I never think to look at Overstock for jewelry! Thanks!

  5. @Hevel
    Me, too! I'd like to name a daughter after her as well. She's got such spunk and talent! What have you read of hers?

  6. @M.
    The lemon verbena is on one side of cleaner smells, the lavender on the other. The lemon is almost too typical-smelling, the lavender is weird mixing with kitchen smells. The basil is perfect, just the right touch of sweet and savory.

  7. @Jenna
    Let me know if you like the basil smell as much as I do!

    Ocean should be its own color. The only problem is it would never be the exact shade twice.

  8. @Susan
    We're a rare and ferocious breed, LOL!

  9. Oh, I really like #3. Going to check it out. :-)

  10. Love those Earrings and always wondered about the Mrs. Myers. You sold me on both :).

  11. I think I've read most of her short stories.


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