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Whoa, double take!  That is a screenshot of my newly tweaked blog layout.  We'll see how long it lasts.  I'm feeling very happy about it right now, though; it's a mix between mod-graphic and artsy-minimal, a nice snapshot of my taste/personality.  Pretty.  c:



(1)  "Dooourdy."  He hates dirt on his hands but not on his face.
(2)  "I punch like a butterfly and sting like a bee, Jack!"--Si, Duck Dynasty  (Sorry, Willy, you have no quotes that compare to that.)


There goes the ham.


"Capturing the context of daily life" with Like Mother, Like Daughter.



  1. Ham is such a tricky thing!! :-) Love your blog style!! Happy Thursday!!

  2. Great blog layout! I love it! And the photos are precious. LOVE the eyelash one- even though it stirs up in me the tiniest bit of envy. (Thanks a lot for that.)

  3. Love the blog layout and your photos are lovely! :)


  4. Oliver is the same - he comes to me asking to get his hands cleaned after making a mess - today with Jello. Silly boys. He does not say Dirty - he just expects me to know what he wants....

  5. I love your real. Just too funny with the ham!


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