The 10 "Perfect" Songs

From Jessica at That's Just the Way My Face Is, who nabbed it from another blog.  Here you go Jessica, I'm sorry I came too late to Folk & Faerie, but we can still get to know each other, right?

For the rest of you, old friends and new readers, what does my taste in music reveal about me?

The First Single You Ever Purchased

A long phase; I probably own more DC CD's (LOL--OMG! acronyms) than any other band/musician.  To be perfectly honest here, I still like Dashboard Confessional.

A Song From the First CD You Ever Purchased

This is the only song I can recall off the top of my head from that album.  And there's been a couple of remakes, so. . .

The First Song You Remember Your Parents Listening to that You Did Not Hate

I jumped on my parents' already-made bed, kicking off covers and pillows and screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs, circa age six.  It was one of my favorite things to do.

Guilty Pleasure Song

I know, Black Eyed Peas is designed to be catchy, pop-culture music fodder that is ideal for car commercials.  As Robert California from The Office says, "It's rock and roll for people who don't like rock and roll; it's rap for people who don't like rap; it's pop for people who don't like pop."  And heck yes, it totally works because I love this song.

EDIT:  I watched the video after I posted it; not recommended for unnecessarily graphic sexuality (c'mon guys, couldn't it have just been about having a good night out on the town?).  Don't play the video or leave it open on the computer if there's a risk of a child getting to it.

Song You Dance to when No One's Around

Everything I know about dancing I learned from Shakira.

EDIT:  Same as above, but not as bad.

The First Song You Slow Danced To

Don't remember.  But it was probably with my husband, unless you count tearful graduation party dancing with my girlfriends.

Song You Played Out Because You Loved It So Much when It Was New

It was one of those CD's that only has a few really unique songs; the other ones get worn out pretty quickly.  So by the end of the summer I was tired of this one.

The Song You Want to Dance to at Your Wedding

And did.  c:

Favorite Song by Your Favorite Artist

It was this or "Rabbit Heart," I love them both really, but this is more recent.  The music video is cleverly gnostic, which follows up well on the pagan-mystery-cult music video of "Rabbit Heart."  Florence is obviously a well-read, educated, liberal arts type, so I'm hoping . . . next album is Catholic?  (Dante, Da Vinci, Michelangeo: not a bad crowd to follow.)

*fingers crossed*  Less likely things have happened.

Favorite Song of All Time

It used to be Greenday's "Time of Your Life."


Just a Youtube gem.  And an award-winning, beautifully illustrated, masterfully-told anime, by the way.


I'm a dork.  It was either this or Crosby, Stills, and Nash's "Cathedral," but you're much more likely to have heard that song.  c;



  1. See, I would have remembered "Lucky One" from Amy's House of Love album rather than Big Yellow Taxi (though I can't sing the original Joni Mitchell version to save my life because all I can hear is Amy in my head)- "Lucky One" was the one all us middle school girls went around singing constantly... I probably still know all the "ooh ooh, oo-oo-ooh, ooh, ooh the lucky one...ooh ooh, oo-oo-ooh, my my my baby...ooh ooh..." part at the end despite not having heard it in AGES...

  2. @Ally
    Now that you type the lyrics out there in plain black and white, I do remember it! I wasn't in middle school yet, maybe that has something to do with my shoddy memory?

  3. Goodness, I love this. I'm tempted to steal it. We'll see. :)

    Big fan of that Florence and the Machine song, which Masha introduced me to awhile back. It is AWESOME.

    And I have a Pandora station made up mostly of Japanese techno, so... fellow dork here. I should turn that on while I clean house today. It's helpful. :D


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