5 Favorites (vol. 7)

I like lists, and I like effortless posts of pretty pics and neat things I found around the internet.  Ergo, Hallie.

Congratulations to the veteran mama and her Delectable One (a.k.a. Charlie)!

1.  MAC Cremeblend Brush

I adore MAC.  I adore creme makeup.  Any color, but Posey looks so pretty.  I love me some pink in the springtime (actually, usually the only light pink I wear is in makeup.)

Gosh, the English language really needs better variations on the words love and adore because I feel like a total materialist twat.

2.  tiny twig necklace

Lisa Leonard Designs introduced by Camp Patton (see, blog advertising works!).

3.  Shabby Apple dresses, Mad Hatter collection

This could stand as two, for the clothes and the photography.

Also, they have a neat affiliates program (see left).

4.  This Must Be For You

Anonymous gift-giving to brighten-up your day.  I don't have money, but I have a little talent.  How do I get in?

5.  Lancome Rouge in Love, color Ever So Sweet

My baby sis says orange shades make your teeth look yellow.  I just won't smile.


That felt like a never-to-be-realized shopping list (wishlist?).  If you came from the link-up, check out this post (that's me trying to be helpful!).



  1. #4 sounds so awesome! I'd love to do something like that.

  2. I Love . . . ahem . . . I adore . . . uh . . . I <3 that necklace. ;-)


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