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Window crayons, I love you.

Today was a good day.  I bonded with two different sets of friends over the weekend, and didn't manage to offend or alienate either one (like that could happen--it can't ever be said that I'm modest about my awesome friends); though a stupid cell phone issue mangled my attempt to comfort one and made it a disaster!  The cell phone spread out the multitudes of texts I had sent within a couple of hours over the course of three days, and the poor thing wanted to rest and had no idea why I kept. on. texting. her.

Also, we've launched the Harry Potter book club today over at Jenna's.  I really encourage anyone with a major to mild interest in Harry Potter to join us.  You don't have to read the books to enjoy the discussion.  The three hostesses include a long-time Harry Potter veteran, a reader who didn't like it, and me, the one who never got past libro uno.  We're all friends, and we're all Catholic.  It should be a blast.  Reading Jenna's inaugural post has got me really excited for the project.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her eloquence seals the deal.  Head over to Spinning Straw into Gold to snag a button.  There will be recipes. . .  c;

Finished off the evening with some homemade soup (three weeks from the end of Lent has made my peace with soup) and a slumber party with my little sister and her friend.  We played Apples to Apples, and my neighbor knocked on the door and joked, "Ya'll are being too loud!" but when I started to apologize, she grinned and offered us a plate of cupcakes--confetti batter with vanilla icing!

Hope you had a good Monday!



  1. I was going to check it out, but it's not linked and I don't know Jenna. :0(

  2. I can help you out with that, Kendra. :) Here's the link--hope you'll come by!

    @Christie, these pictures are SO CUTE. I have a bit of affection for window crayons myself, as my sisters once got together and wrote all over the inside of my car's rear window--in reverse, so everything was readable from the outside or the rear-view mirror. Totally fun.

    Technology, on the other hand... psssht. Whadayagonnado? A friend and I totally missed each other for lunch recently because we were both texting, but the texts never went through. Stuff happens.

  3. @Kendra
    I updated it, and Jenna's given you the link below. Sorry about that! Please join us!

  4. I love, love, love window crayons/markers/paint! They can make all the difference. When we were fed up with the gloomy days of winter, we drew a garden on our big glass doors... two days later a heat wave hit Tel Aviv. I claim it was our painted sun!

    I love, love, love Harry Potter! Keep us updated on what is happening at your book club! :)


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