Five Favorites (vol. 10)

1.  Harry Potter Book Club.  It's just begun, and we're already having so much fun.  Any and all are welcome to join us.

2.  Canon f/2.8 40mm lens.  I'm test-driving.  As in I-get-15-days-to-return-this-baby-for-a-full-refund testing.  But there's always the slightest chance that I'll keep it, so it's not dishonest, right?

3.  Parks and Recreation.  I chose a poster of Ron Swanson because he makes the show the way icing makes the cake.  It's The Office meets 30 Rock, so I'm happy.

4.  Online dress-up doll games.  Because I don't have the figure or the disposable income to play dress-up with myself.  This one is from Rinmaru games.  I like the Japanese anime-looking dolls, but they have other styles as well.  And there are plenty of Harry Potter dress-up games out there if you google them.

5.  Crayola window crayons.  Very popular with us right now.


Linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife.  Now to spend time with the Squirt and get some Sorcerer's Stone read!



  1. If I joined your club, I'd ruin the "we are all Catholic" part. :)

    Window markers/crayons are <3.

  2. @Hevel
    That's just the three hostesses; so far, we have non-denominational Christians and unaffiliated (as in, I don't know them well enough and have never asked them about their religion).

    Please don't let that stop you for joining us. Everyone is welcome!

  3. I'm glad you're loving Parks and Recreation! It is my favorite and I tell everyone to watch it :)

    I will be lurking around the Harry Potter read along, if not actually reading along at this point. I'm really enjoying reading the posts!


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