"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

There's nothing like joining a project halfway through.  And since these are the days that shift like late afternoon light, before you can even put your hand out to touch it, why not document my son's growth by a portrait once-a-week?  I have the photos readily available, regardless.

He's speaking new words but in no rush to talk, and I don't feel like hurrying him.  The world is so full of noise and talking and struggling-to-be-heard that I'm glad he can hear his own music still, hear it and sing it only for himself, not caring if anyone else understands.

I'm finding myself working more than ever, which is a much needed financial relief, but more it makes me want to cherish my time with him, to try to live with five senses and not backward to a present which has already expired.



  1. I love the muted tones in this shot. Such a beautiful portrait!

    And I can relate- my third little boy will be two in August and barely says anything. But I think it's because his older brothers are so loud and rambunctious, no one would hear what he had to say anyway!


  2. I love the idea of documenting his growth by week! And gosh, what a cutie!

    My two-year-old niece (coming up on three) only just started talking in the last few months. Even now she's silent most of the time, speaking only when she has a reason. She's a fascinating little creature, all the more so for her silence. Sometimes I wish I were more like her. :) That ability to "hear their own music, hear it and sing it only for themselves" is a beautiful thing.

    1. I know, my folks are concerned that he's not speaking, but he is so _aware_ and right on schedule with all the other milestones, that I'm not going to worry about it right now. I want to be so careful with a "supposed to be" attitude. It's the quickest and shortest way to breaking a child's confidence.


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