Muggy May Fridays taper into breezy, balmy evenings, like a hot cup of tea set out and forgotten.  This spring has been mild and shining.

I want to live more purposefully this summer.  The university has an affordable pool membership, and there are weekly children's activities at the library.  I'd like to take a class or two at the local Michaels.  I have a baby shower to plan and a wedding to attend.  A day that starts with Mass is wide and open and full of potential.  Maybe I'll join one of those groups of moms that meet and walk at the mall.  Or else, make it a regular activity to walk with the Squirt, so that I get some exercise and he gets some stimulation.

It's been difficult to entertain him these past weeks.  His toys don't occupy him like they used to.  He has no friends, pets, or siblings, so he wants my attention most of the time.  We read books, color with crayons, dance to music, watch videos on Netflix, and go on little outings, but all of that together isn't enough to fill a whole day, and Mama has things she needs to do.  What kind of toddler-friendly activities could entertain a two-year-old through the long summer days?



  1. "I want to live more purposefully this summer." I don't know why, but that gave me just the cyber-slap in the face I needed this morning. Thank you!

  2. Here to give you some ideas that will entertain a toddler:
    *Make a sensory box that can be changed every few days (google sensory box for ideas)
    *Make a treasure box, similar to a sensory box that he can explore, full of tinkets
    *Research "practical life activities for toddlers" for Montessory based activities that will keep him entertained on his own...


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