Around the house in Instacam

(1)  The land-line and a doily that mysteriously keeps diving off of the table top.  (2)  Mismatched picture frames and Venetian postcards hanging from the fireplace.  (3)  Pillows!  (4)  My favorite painting reflected in the mirror.  (5)  In the sun-room/dining room.  (6)  Oh Comely magazine.  (7)  Autumn flowers.  (8)  The prettiest color mug, hand-thrown by a friend.  (9)  The Squirt's silhouette.

Was perfectly unproductive today, but I'm starting tomorrow with an appointment, e.g., a definite purpose, and I usually keep up the momentum 'til well in the afternoon.  Oh, and the latest post for the Harry Potter book club is up at Jenna's.

xx Christie


  1. Hey! I know that mug!

    Your house is delightful! I love the style.


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