What I Wore Sunday

I'm supposed to get a head-to-toe picture, but I have no full-length mirror or functioning camera stand.  Sundays that I get to dress up are special days because I usually work in the evenings, so that means I have to go to Mass in my work uniform.  I encountered people, especially at youth Masses and in Britain, who insisted it didn't matter what you wore to Mass because all that was important to God was that you were there.

It's true God doesn't care about looks.  He does care about effort.  And he cares because we care; I mean, that when I dress up for Mass, put effort into getting ready, feel polished and pretty, I am more ready to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The upset in my daily routine, the special-ness of preparation, alerts my consciousness to the fact that something important is about to happen.  Perhaps that is my weakness as a human being, but God has always been good at harnessing our weaknesses for his glory, like Moses's speech impediment or Paul's reputation for persecuting Jewish-Christians.

It's another reason why I like to wear a veil or head-covering; why I think it's a good practice to wear a veil or head-covering; and (one of the reasons) why we were, until recently, required to wear a veil or head-covering.  Because we are physical beings; we live in these bodies, and these bodies are good and not to be ignored or ill treated.  So when we take care of our physical bodies and dress them as for a spouse at our wedding banquet--in our finest, or even by wearing a veil--we are honoring God with an outward sign.  And because we are physical beings, the outward things we do affect the inside things we are.  If our bodies are well-disposed to meditation, worship, and prayer, it will be easier for our minds to follow suit.

Top:  Faded Glory
Pants:  Jordache
Flip flops (not pictured):  Faded Glory
Mirror smudges:  yours truly

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  1. Fun colored pants. I have been looking for a pair of colored pants but can't settle on a color.

    1. Go with the one that makes you feel like you're ready to take on the world!


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