Five Favorites (vol. 13)

-- 1 --

Plain non-fat Greek yogurt is healthful and versatile.  We eat it with agave nectar (see #4) in the morning for a sweet breakfast, as a dip with cilantro and garlic for tortilla chips, or a dab with tomato soup or in tacos in place of sour cream.  It's a household staple.

-- 2 --

Soul Gardening arrived in my mail box last week.  I was so thrilled to get another one so soon.  The star article for me in this issue was a manifesto about the benefits and virtues of wearing skirts and dresses . . . a Catholic subculture I was subconsciously aware of but which I've never had described to me in words.  I liked what I read, so I may go into more detail about my thoughts regarding that later.

And like I've been saying for the past eleventy months, go here to subscribe.  It's free!  Plus, they're always looking for contributions.

-- 3 --

Hoodwinked is one of my favorite family movies and sorely overlooked.  Well, I suppose it appeals to certain tastes.  I'm a huge fan of fairy tales, and I love new twists on the old stories (like a lime in a coconut, baby!).  My favorite types of movies to watch are ones that surprise, and since it's cleverly wrapped up in a whodunnit, it Hoodwinked fits the bill.  Plus, the humor. is just.  Terrible.

I love it!

-- 4 --

Agave nectar, which is supposedly good for people with diabetes and blood sugar problem because of its low glycemic index, can be substituted basically anywhere you use sugar.  There are different types that yield different flavors.  So you can have a rich flavor, a light, or a regular, depending on what you're eating it with. It goes great in tea and is a less-stick alternative to honey.

-- 5 --

Flower make-up brand is fresh and affordable.  Drew Barrymore developed an inexpensive line for women.  It can only be found at Walmart.  I like the approach, the packaging, the colors, and the advertising campaign.  On the website (warning: high image content!), Barrymore even posts regular videos with tips on how to use the makeup.  It's nice to see "real" footage of a celebrity, wearing common-woman makeup without airbrushing, and as far as I know, Barrymore is an okay gal.  I haven't seen or heard of her in any big scandals, and she's the granddaughter of an on Hollywood star.  How romantic!

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