Theme Thursday: Bodies

f/1.8, ISO 1600

Theme Thursday link-up time at Clan Donaldson!  I don't have a lot of bodies laying around (hey, I'm not Bluebeard!), and I didn't find myself in a crowded enough place to snap photos of strangers and go without notice, so I improvised.  I like my anonymous little Venetian men in their oh-so-obviously operatic getup.

I restocked on some art supplies today, which got me looking through some old drawings, and I enjoyed looking at these sketches from the classics.  Also from Venice:

Also bodies.

That was in 2005 (I think?), but I don't think I've improved much since then.  There are huge faults in my foundational art skills.  It would be nice to take an art class for fun and to get some professional instruction.  But this not-so-new idea for dallying may just be an unfortunate side effect of the creative void left since leaving off writing a few months back.  I'll work my way back around to it eventually.  This is how I operate, in cycles, like the fickle moon.

Although, be warned: I dug out my Bamboo Wacom tablet and stylus, so this mood may be here to stay.



  1. That one on the bottom left... that one is breathtaking. I just sat and stared and stared at it. I love your sketching! You need to do more. :)


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