Seven Quick Takes: Volume 18

-- 1 --

I didn't get the job.  I'm disappointed, but not terribly disappointed.  I feel at peace and must believe that this wasn't the right path for me at this time.  Especially since all of your thoughts and prayers were with me.

-- 2 --

So, side businesses?  Lots of people do it, to bring in a little money, and I've been mulling over my options.

I've always been fond of photography, but I learned how to shoot with film.  The transition to digital has not been easy.  It's almost too complicated, but  I'm getting the hang of it.  And with the right tools at your disposal, a so-so skill can be bumped up a notch to Pretty Good.

Enter business idea #1.  Portraits.  For friends of friends, and maybe word-of-mouth could build up a clientele.  It'd affordable, obviously, because I'm inexperienced and unofficially trained, but not cheap because I wouldn't want to undervalue my time and talent and send across the message that my pictures are bad.

Back when I was active on deviantART, someone gave me this wise advice: if you have a skill and someone is willing to pay you for using it, then you are good enough to take commissions.  I think that's pretty good advice.

-- 3 --

Side business #2.

Lots of people I know keep chickens.  One uses them for eggs, another for their meat as well, and one is looking into starting a small local business.  Well, I know people are always looking for fresh eggs from local, grain-fed chickens, and maybe there are even people who would like their own eggs, but don't have the property or the time and resources to keep chickens.  Enter my idea: a kind of co-op where people can keep their chickens; I feed and take care of them for an "accommodation" fee.  My folks have plenty of property and a ramshackle but still intact pin I could renovate.

Problems to tackle would be:  (1) I'm not a handy-man and wouldn't know where to begin making a secure pin for chickens to keep them safe from the elements and wildlife.

And, yeah, that's pretty much it.  Thoughts?

-- 4 --

Side buisness #3.

Take up tutoring again.  I was doing this in the fall but when personal issues came to the forefront, I took an indefinite leave of absence.  I was tutoring some home-schooled children, which I loved because I had complete freedom to teach how and what wished (also because their mother trusted me), but outside of that, no one seemed to have the spare cash to hire a tutor for what my appropriate hourly fees would be, given my experience and education.

Oh and yes, I am registered on a couple of legit tutoring websites.  Never been contacted.

-- 5 --

Why is everyone in the blogosphere talking about running?  I hate running.  Running and I are like oil and water.  How can someone actually enjoy that?

Exercise I sort of enjoy:

  • swimming
  • soccer
  • Tang Soo Do
  • shopping
  • leisurely enjoying nature
  • sightseeing abroad

Starting to see a pattern?  They all have alternative motivations unrelated to fitness.  I didn't mind Pilates the winter before I got married but have no idea where that DVD is now.

-- 6 --

Dialogue from last evening.

Mom:  And then his father said, why don't you ask Scott Hahn himself?
Me:  *doodling on the pavement with sidewalk chalk with Squirt*
Mom:  So he went to Steubenville and now he's graduating with a degree in theology!
Me:  *admiring my hopscotch square*
Sister:  I want to do that so bad.
Me:  Then go ahead and do it.  It's really odd that you would say something like that.
Sister:  Christie, I can't just up and go to the Franciscan University!
Me:  Oh . . . I thought you were talking about playing hopscotch.

True story.

-- 7 --

Also . . . the interactive topics.  I promised them, didn't I?  This week, I hope, at least one.  Conversion Diary!



  1. Will keep praying that you find the work you need.

    And I cannot bear running. I like gardening, dancing, and walking if it's sunny, and... well, singing is a good workout, and... I'd totally LOVE to do a martial art, but I'm probably way too tall for it... anyway. Yeah. I dislike running in the extreme. :)

  2. Yes, what is the obsession with running? If you're a mother, it seems like you're supposed to take up running. Why? Who has time? Or interest? And I'd love fresh eggs, but having chickens has no appeal to me at all, so I think you may be on to something! (Rita @ Open Window)

  3. I'm sorry about the job. I vote for photography. You have real talent at that. Not saying you're not good with chickens or kids! ;) But I *know* you're good at taking pictures.

    I've started running because it's... well, because it works for us right now. But I too reallllllllly don't like running. I predict that when I am back in CA and I have access to a pool, that will be some my exercise. Ahhh, swimming. Now *that* I love.

    Number 5 is hysterical. So funny. :)

  4. I have to admit that chiockens or tutoring would be my vote for a side business. The photography business is getting saturated with fauxtographers, who can't get a decent shot without cropping and adjusting in Photoshop till all the kids in a family have fremen eyes that it could be difficult to actually get started and stay in business with realistic prices without professional equipment. I'm not saying it couldn't work as a side-side business, but would likely take longer to get it up and running.

  5. I vote for chickens, because I live in a town where I can't have my own chickens and I would totally support a business like the one you suggest. Photography, it's fun, you're obviously talented, but the clients can be real buttheads, and it takes sooo muuuch time.

    I have hired at least three private tutors, but refuse to pay for wyzant or those other "pay us up front" places. First tutor was word-of-mouth through other school parents. Second was word-of-mouth/saw her tutoring a kid at the library. Libraries and librarians keep names and numbers of tutors on file because they get asked for referrals. You might also be able to hang an ad/flier in the library. Third is through a local "Educational Services Agency" that I heard about from a mom at swim team.

    I'd figure out what makes the most money for the least amount of time.

    Running. Loathe it. Walking, biking, shopping, anything but running.

  6. You can find pre-made coops.. they wouldn't be too expensive, and if you got people to give a 'commitment fee' up front, that could cover the start up cost?? But your photos are really great, and if you have access to a darkroom (there still is a market for film photography, it's more artistic, more open to unique interpretation than digital..) THAT would definitely be a niche!

    I like running. I don't like Scott Hahn much..Running requires music though..turn up Florence + the Machine and take off down the road! :)


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