Seven Quick Takes: Volume 21

Linking up with Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes Friday.  AmIright?

-- 1 --

Best news first: my husband will be here on the 13th!  It's been almost seven months since he departed to his home country of Cymru to prepare the way for our immigration, and he's finally feeling settled enough to come back for a visit.  I hope that the next time we see him after this, we will be joining him in the U.K.

-- 2 --

I turned twenty-eight on Tuesday.  It was a good birthday, all things considered.  My family bought me a bouquet of flowers (I'm unused to receiving flowers from others), and we had a savory dinner at Yamato's.  I love Japanese cuisine, the non-experimental kind.  I drank a tall vase of hot sake and had some to spare!

-- 3 --

I'm going to dangle these pricey yet oh-so-pretty Noa Noa pieces in front of my nose as motivation to count calories and lose weight.  Meal planning?  Not going so well.  Since I'm working thrity hours or more a week now, a lot of what I'm doing is grab-and-go.  So I'm trying to do whole wheat toaster waffles, eggs, soups, and gluten-free sandwiches, with organic chocolate bunny grahams for the Squirt.

And a bottle of blueberry wine for Mama.  c;

-- 4 --

The latest in the Harry Potter Project is here and here.

-- 5 --

Birthdays bring evaluating, and a fair amount of angst.  I spent most of my time at work this evening re-evaluating.  What do I want to do with my life?  Since I'm not able to be a stay-at-home mom (an extremely honorable and preferable vocation, if one can afford it, though not necessarily the easiest route), I need a career that will elevate as well as bring home the bacon.

I'm working on noveling, but I'm decidedly for a slow-but-steady mastery over an instant gratification quick route, so I'm resigned to that being on the back burner for a couple of years to a decade.

In the meantime . . .?

-- 6 --

Blueberry wine.

-- 7 --

Warm Bodies was an uplifting, positive romantic comedy suitable for teens.  I might have to write a review of it in the following weeks.  Quite good.



  1. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!

    Have so much fun with your dear husband!!! I'm absolutely delighted for you!!

    Absolutely. Delighted. I want to kiss him for coming all the way back here for a visit..but since I'm sure you do too, I'll just settle for not expecting ANYTHING from you online for the duration of the visit..which will be hard for me, as I miss you when you're away!

    Enjoy!..and career thoughts..umm..writing ;) ..I have trouble picturing you outside the artistic/intellectual sphere - maybe a funky, beautiful, interesting magazine job...maybe selling self-published chapbooks on line and in lovely, tiny, crowded bookstores... I'll pray for inspiration.

    Enjoy the wine! I just discovered a Rose (with accent on the e) wine I LOVE! - Gazela! It's pretty cheap too!

  2. my meal planning is going well..but I wondered about you, as my meals are taking my huge chunks of time to make, and are still 80% salad ;p eh..I need to go find some wood so I can bake something..I want popovers with butter and honey..

  3. also..omgoodness..I WANT those clothes..When I have money I'm going to go crazy with clothes..and probably ruin them all in the first five minutes - as I always seem to do with clothes..but mended clothes are lucky! And these looks so worth it!!!

  4. I am so excited that your husband is visiting you!!!! So. Excited. I second all Masha's thoughts on the subject. If you need the time off from the HP book club, just say the word, and I'll pause it.

    As for sake, I wish I liked it. Possibly I could develop a taste for it, if I tried it often enough. But blueberry wine? Sounds amazing!! As does that Rose, Masha!

    I'll look forward to that review of Warm Bodies... I like teen movies. :)

    1. THANK YOU! I'm hoping to get less hours in the next three weeks, so fingers crossed there's room for both!

  5. Try it!!!..if you can find it, I have to hunt around a bit, but with enough of it in me, I might like teen movies too!! ;)

  6. Christie, I had no idea your husband was gone. I am relatively new around here and didn't see any photos of him but was reluctant to read into that. SO HAPPY for his return! What a brave wife and mama you are for handling things alone these months.

    Blueberry wine, you say? Hmmmmm, must try.


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