Stills: A Weekly Collection

Linking up today with the Beetle Shack.

Still experiencing frustration at the lack of pixeling from my dear old camera.  It's funny to think it was cutting edge, the most recent model, a few mere years ago.  But I'm trying not to be a perfectionist and focus on the quiet, pulsing vibrance captured by these scenes.  It's almost too rich to fit into these four corners.

1.  the rainy season
2 & 3.  Hello?  It's me.
4.  bonding with Daddy on Father's Day
5.  footprint in tea leaves
6.  loaves of homemade bread, fresh out of the oven
7 & 8.  scenes from the Aquarium
9.  afternoon walk
10.  beach babe



  1. Hi ...visiting through Em...lovely sweet pics of your handsome lad. Especially love the footprint! Al x


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