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Today I am . . .

Feeling . . . emotionally and spiritually worn.  If ever there were dark forces in the world, they're crowded around my head now like rain clouds.  I think some extra prayer is in order, and the Sacraments.  What do you say, gang? 
Seeing . . . the flickering glow of the flame just through the waxy texture of the pillar candle. 
Smelling . . . the burnt scent of a just-struck match. 
Tasting . . . chocolate wine, left over from the butterbeer experiment
Listening . . . silence in the house. 
Grateful . . . for another tomorrow.  Mornings are always better. 
Reading . . . The Dance of Intimacy by Dr. Harriet Goldhor Lerner.  Like, half a book in one sitting.  This is not like me.  Not like me at all.  Lots to process and pray on. 
Loving . . . the soft, hot little body of my baby boy, when he falls asleep in my arms.  I must cherish this while I can.  Some day he won't need me like this, if I do my job correctly. 
Hoping . . . for peace.



  1. Praying for and with you tonight, friend. And offering up my own battles with dark forces for you and yours. Extra prayer and the Sacraments are a great idea, too. <3

    Making requests to any particular saint? I'll be happy to join in.

  2. Praying for you today!

    If you have a st. Benedict medal..or a peacock feather..or an angus dei (did I send you mine, or did I just lose it?) they all work wonders on evil intrusions! Really, they do! But I'm also hoping you get some Sacraments in you and some quiet time with fire and Christ!

    And seconding Jenna, let us know if we should be talking to some particular saint, otherwise I'll just send my favorites to haunt you..especially St. Joseph, he's sort of extra helpful, I think!! ;) <3 <3 <3

  3. Masha, darling, what the hell's an "Angus" Dei? "The Beef of God"?
    -The Neglected Husband

  4. Oh whatever! Christie KNOWS what I meant.. :p


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