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Today, I am

Feeling . . .  tired!  I've been going without stopping these past few weeks, and even when I've managed to catch up on sleep I feel the tiredness of the lack of spiritual and mental rest.  But, I am able-bodied and blessed and buoyed up by the Holy Spirit and love of friends, so I'm not complaining (not at the moment, anyway!).

Seeing . . .  several papercrafts online for the upcoming baby shower.  I love DIY so much, especially the useless kind, like decorations.  You can do so much more with pretty handy things than with store-bought party supplies.

Smelling . . .  my lingering Butterfly Flower perfume from the friend's wedding I attended on Saturday--the fresh, floral scent I wore at my own wedding three years ago.  <3

Tasting . . .  popcorn, with just some oil and salt.  It's so delicious.

Listening . . .  the contented jabber of my son--little, monosyllabic shouts of enthusiasm.

Grateful . . .  for the internet.  Really.  After being forcibly kept from it more than I am accustomed, I realize how important it is for connecting me with friends and higher thinking that fuels me through the less-than-interesting and tiresome times.

Also, for civil debates and discussions.  Wish there were more of these, especially on the 'net.

Reading . . .  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  I've also rented an old favorite from the library, The Moorchild, but at the rate things are going, it'll be due before I put a significant dent in it.

Loving . . .  this late-summer time of year, when the light is deep, rich amber--the summer not quite yet drawing to a close, but well along.  A sunflower season.

Hoping . . .  for a cleaner home tomorrow!  For some time to write letters and catch up on reading.  For a relaxing stay on the beach this upcoming week.  For many photos of my son and grandmother together.  For love notes from my husband, and to see him again in person sooner rather than later.



  1. I wondered where you were!

    Civil debates are essential to me..I hope you've been having lots more with loving people!

    It IS late summer now, isn't it..ugh. It came too quickly! I'm actually chilly this morning and wrapped up in a shawl..There is So Much to do though!!! How can it be so late already?? I'll adjust, but smelling that late summer/almost fall scent this morning has thrown me off..Sunflower season..So true,and so perfect! I can't wait for ours to open!

  2. Paper crafts ARE FUN!!! Do you have a Cricut? Or do you do it all by hand?

    It's lovely to remember the perfume you wore on your wedding day! How beautiful! I wish I could remember mine! :)

  3. Paper crafts are so much fun, but yes, sometimes useless haha! And I love Harry Potter. So glad you are reading through the series. Do you love it? Be honest! I know some people just aren't, it's definitely an all or nothing kind of series.

    Ps. Absolutely adore the caption of your photo :) How fitting and sweet!
    Pps. Your sister's package is on it's way, yay!


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