What We're Reading Wednesday

A link-up at Housewife Spice.

First, the obvious: it's not Wednesay.

Second: I've been even busier than usual this week and so have been away from the blog, friends' blogs, and other joyful responsibilities (and not-so-joyful ones).

Anyway, as you can see, there hasn't been much time for reading.  Finishing up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone has been fun and satisfying (the final reflection on that to come; in the meantime, Masha and Jenna give their thoughts, likes, and criticisms).

I checked out The Year and Our Children from my parish library on the recommendation of Hevel, and he was right--its a very good resource.  Not sentimentally craftsy or text-book boring, but somewhere in the happy middle.  I like it a lot, and will probably be checking it our periodically with each new season.

The Tickle Tree was a bargain book I purchased at the grocery store, and was essentially the third book in a buy-three-for-ten deal.  The rhyming is always nice for small children and reading aloud; I like dream-like tone and illustrations, but from the cover I was expecting it to go in a different direction . . . more about a Faerie just underneath the visible world, with pixies and queer beasts hiding beneath leaves and behind trunks . . . but it dissolved into more of a nonsense rhyme, like "The Jabberwocky" on steroids.  :p



  1. I own a much beloved copy of The Year and Our Children. I always read the big quote from George Washington re: the founding of Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving when we host. Lovely photos of your books! So much prettier than my internet harvested thumbnails.

    1. Thanks Jessica, and thankyou for hosting!

  2. is this your first time reading the Harry Potter series! you will love it - i promise. i have never laughed and cried out loud as much as I did reading that series! A million times better than the HP movies. and a classic I am reading to my children!

    1. It is! I'm enjoying it. You can pop over and join the Harry Potter book club discussions with us any time at Spinning Straw into Gold (http://spinstrawintogold.blogspot.com).


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