Simple Is Beautiful

That's what stands out to me when I admire the lovingly made, 14k gold-filled jewelry at milk + crown.

Just look at the symmetry and muted light of the emma necklace or the eye-drawing and elegant tangle of the little gold ball on bryony (a name meaning prickly vines--get it?).

Also, as an enthusiastic jewelry browser (I can spend twenty minutes alone examining one section of the jewelry counter in Sears), I can assure you that these pieces are very affordable!

I believe in small businesses, using the talent God gives to support oneself and make others happy, and the good, hard work of human hands.  I'm impressed with the craftsmanship and vision that goes into these unique pieces of jewelry.  I've enjoyed getting to know Kristyn, a fellow Floridian and lover of literature, and am so pleased to be able to offer support to her budding business in any way I can.  So keep milk + crown in mind if you want to give a unique, quality gift or deserve to treat yourself; favorite, share on Facebook, and tell your friends!

Disclaimer: I receive no monetary reimbursement for the recommendation of these products.

Photo copyright Kristyn Pankiw.



  1. I'll have to remember this... it's beautiful work and reasonably priced. :)

  2. I agree with you, we should use our God Given talents to make others happy! I love that!

  3. thanks so much, Christie, for sharing my shop on your blog! i really appreciate the support :) i'm so glad you like my designs, and i hope it continues to grow so i can share my work with others for years to come!


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