Theme Thursday: Faith

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f/1.8 , ISO 400 , 50 mm

“Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted in spite of your changing moods.” -- C.S. Lewis

This teaching of Lewis's hooked into my theological fascination when I first read of it; later on, it would anchor me.

During a particularly stormy time of my life, I couldn't feel God's existence or summon the comfort I had always found so easily before in my One True Faith.  But I could remember this: that once, in a time when I was at peace and full of clarity, I knew, without a blemish of doubt, that God was real.  And I could hold onto that, as a sailor lost at sea sets his eyes to the northern star.  Land does exist--at one time he felt it, walked upon it--and as long as he continues to follow it, it will lead him home.



  1. I know about both of these times; when I had one of my hardest times that way, I just remember knowing that the love I had seen/experienced was more real than the absence that was my then current experience...

  2. That quote is perfect. Just perfect. I've heard a lot of C.S. Lewis quotes I love, but this one is very moving.

    I love your photo too. I don't know how you make that picture so dramatic, even with a cloudy sky. Whenever I take photos of the cloudy sky, mine are always so boring.


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