Five Favorites (vol. 24)

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About four weeks of stress, irregular sleeping habits, lack of exercise, a not-so-relaxing vacation, and complete abandonment to eating anything that resembles food has wreaked vengeance on my general feeling of physical well-being.  I'm too sensitive when it comes to health, have what my father calls "a weak constitution," and my body doesn't take kindly to lack of care.  I'm sluggish, foggy, and tired.  I probably gained six or seven pounds last week alone.  The good thing is, I'm so sick of sugary sweet alcoholic beverages and greasy heavy meals that I'm chomping at the bit for some major food limitations.  Plus, the end of summer feels like a time for closure, tying up loose ends, and preparing for the abundance that is the autumn season.  It's time for a detox!*

I meant to do a Dormition fast the first part of this month with Jenna and Masha but that didn't happen, so I'm going to attempt something of the sort a bit belatedly.  I'm starting off vegan, sans-gluten, like I did for Lent, and then maybe adding in some healtful lean meats and fishes.  I'm aiming for a month, then my hope is to re-introduce my favorite (naughty) foods in small, controlled quantities.  I didn't realize how much my attempts at a healthier lifestyle were working until I relapsed into fast food and exercise neglect.

*Note: always approach any sort of diet alterations with caution, preferably under the care of a physician.  I have not done so because I don't have health insurance like to live dangerously.

So, Five Favorites, detox edition:

-- 1 --

Annie's Naturals goddess dressing was a staple for me during Lent, so I'm happy to turn to it again.  It's so delicious, and so far the least expensive at Publix (sorry, Sweetbay).

-- 2 --

I've done RenewLife's FirstCleanse before with positive results.  It's a two-week introduction to herbal cleansing, and since the month-long one is a couple bucks more, I think I'll get my money's worth with CleanseSmart.  And like I said, I'm ready to say goodbye to bad foods for the next four weeks, at least.

-- 3 --

Um, blueberries are just good for you.  Period.  But they're in season, and so sweet, and so tasty!

-- 4 --

Liquid amino acids taste like soy sauce and are super salty and flavorful without the sodium content.  Perfect for marinades, dips, and dressings.  I've got a simple recipe for salad dressing that is making my mouth water just thinking about it.  I'll share it in the next couple of weeks.

-- 5 --

Bell peppers, like blueberries, are another superfood.  They're so crunchy and fresh, and the little ones make perfect snacks. Orange bell peppers have a balanced flavor--not too sweet, not too green.



  1. I have never heard of Liquid Amino Acids. Looking forward to your shares on it ;)

    1. It tastes quite a bit like soy sauce. Almost indistinguishable, actually, but a little less pungent!

  2. We are just starting the Dormition fast since we are old calendar; I am so glad and feel so ready for this fast!

    we just got back from travels and did not have all good food either and it is so good to be back to salads...

    1. Well it looks like I can still participate in the Dormition fast via the Julian calendar! I had an arugula salad for lunch today; it was so good!

  3. Oh my gawww I love that salad dressing!! Hubs and I watch each other very closely when it's here in the house, ha.

  4. Welcome to the Cleanse!!!!

    I'm glad to have a review of Renew-Life's cleanses..I see them at the store all the time but always wonder if they're worth it. I'm doing this one plus some of my own additions..but I don't think I'll always be willing to spend that sort of money on a cleanse!

    I like your focus though..starting vegan and gluten-free and working back towards the more troublesome foods. Have you tried the whole 'virgin eating' concept? Clearing out everything that's a possible negative and then slowly re-introducing them, one by one, to see which are stressing the body and which aren't??

    Good luck!!

  5. I avoid Cleanses and Fasts as a whole, unless the liturgical month makes me.... but I have to say, when I saw this post, I think I might try a couple of these ...especially BLUEBERRIES!!!!!!! :)


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