Autumn Bounty

Sept. 23, Feast of Saint Linus, Pope and martyr.

Sunday was the first day of autumn.  Our life has been so full of late--with good food, fellowship, new jobs, cherished friends, growing closer to God and the liturgical seasons, discipline in prayer, and much activity.

My middle sister has made her way east from Texas for a visit.  The Squirt is learning new things every day.  We borrowed a picture book from the parish library, whose cover is an image of the Child Jesus and a little boy walking hand-in-hand.  It is his favorite book, and he wants to bring it with him everywhere.  So I showed him an icon I recently bought at the abbey gift shop, a medieval illumination of young Jesus with His Mother, printed on wood.  I gave this to him to hold and kiss; he walks around with it saying, "Baby and mama, baby and mama," and puts it away only to take it out again and admire it.  His favorite illustration in the picture book is one of a little boy at the Tabernacle.  The door is swung open, and a small Christ Child emerges with arms open, and the two reach toward each other to embrace, with angles surrounding.



  1. wow..This is so beautiful, Christie! And, I sort of want that book..


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