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My principle means of storage around the house are hooks.  Not closets, not shelves, not drawers.  Those last three present too much of a temptation to the Master of Destruction, who insists on emptying, unloading, and unpacking everything.  According to him, the floor is the proper place to store unused household items.

So I have a lot of hooks.  Some are commercially bought and pretty, others are loose pegs purchased online and at thrift stores, fixed to the walls.  Yet more are Command hooks, the kind you put up during Christmas to keep a wreath in place if you don't have a wreath hanger at hand.

My inspiration for hooks hinges on my affection for pre-industrial households and farmhouses.  And while trunks and cupboards are familiar pieces of furniture, the hooks are the best way to assure things that I don't want moved or messed with stay where they are.



  1. What a good idea! thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Love the picture - we have a lot of hooks for storing too. Mostly because closet and wall space are at a premium around here. The back of every door has command hooks for jackets, scarves, etc.

    1. People tend not to think of walls as extra places for storage. The inside doors of cabinets, closets, and pantries are as well!

  3. This is so pretty, such a great picture and I love your idea of storage.


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