Five Favorites (vol. 39)

Dec. 4th, Feast of St. Barbara, a virgin whom her pagan father imprisoned in a tower.  Eventually tortured and killed by his own hand, she is patroness against death by artillery; against explosions, fire, impenitence, lightning, mine collapse, and storms; of ammunition magazines, ammunition workers, architects, armorers, artillery, artillerymen, boatmen, bomb technicians; brass workers, brewers, builders, carpenters, construction workers; dying people; fire, fire prevention, firefighters, fireworks, fireworks manufacturers; fortifications, founders, geologists, gravediggers; gunners; hatmakers, hatters; lightning; mariners; martyrs; masons; mathematicians; military engineers; milliners; miners; ordnance workers; prisoners; sailors; smelters; stone masons, stonecutters; Syria; tilers; warehouses; watermen; and sudden death.  So basically, everything.

1  //  Winter Birds by Lauren Merrick; I'm so fond of birches, and the scene embodies the peacefulness of a wooded winter.

2  //  The Plague Doctor hand-painted box by my good friend Nat.  Wouldn't this be neat for Hallowe'en (or any time of year)?

3  //  The hand-stitched Sarita Dress from Little Tienda makes me want to pick up a needle and learn to embroider!

4  //  Subdued colors and simple lines are perfect for the nursery in this little print by nomuu.

5  //  I've got my eye on this puppet playsuit from une belle epoque for the Squirt come spring.


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