Little Stories

Dec. 3, Feast of St. Frances Xavier, patron of African missions; parish missions; missionaries; Missioners of the Precious Blood; navigators; plague epidemics; and the Propagation of the Faith.

Please pray for some of my immediate family members who were in a car accident over the holiday break.  No one was permanently injured; God was clearly protecting us--we had more than we knew this Thanksgiving to be thankful for.

A safe, holy, and quiet Advent to you all!



  1. I love these well as you..AND my lil "bo"!! :D <3

  2. oh my, such beautiful photos! What are your camera specifics? I am on the lookout for another lens!

  3. Oh my, the sweetness! You both are so adorable, I just love mother and baby photos. But seriously, he is so sweet!

  4. Oh my, that sweater! And that blond hair! And the gorgeous photography! I love it!

    And prayers for your loved ones.


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