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Feb. 9, Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time.

Today, I am tired.  It could be the ear ache I was diagnosed with last week, as I've been irregular about taking the antibiotics.  It could be the suspected-but-un-diagnosed arthritis, coming with the sharpening plunge of the temperature.  Or the equally un-diagnosed fibromyalgia, as yesterday I encountered a bit of stress involving a toddler leased to a table behind the deli counter.  (Bless him, he was so good for Mama!)  Last night, my body ached, and I was physically weary.  I came home and slept.  Today, I wanted to get up and take Afon for a walk, but something held me back, and as the hours wear on, it grows more recognizable: that feeling of unwellness that follows me around like a ghost, overshadowing me on the bad days, almost forgotten on the good.

So I googled "tired" and "G.K. Chesterton quote" and this one came up.  I don't know where it's from, and I don't recognize it, so it might be from one of the more obscure articles.  It's not exactly what I had in mind when I searched for it, but after a moment's thought, I think it'll do.

Chesterton is one of those rare authors who, for me, is both.  His are the books I am eager to read; his are the books I want when I'm tired.  He is challenging and comforting.  Chesterton, always the paradox.

Wishing today I could curl up with Father Brown; but I think it's going to take all I have just to keep Afon from bringing the building shuddering down; we should call him the Humanoid Typhoon!

Thank you for your continued prayers while we continue to fight to find out what's wrong.  Is there anything I can pray for you for?  (It's a Divine Mercy Chaplet kind of day.)

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  1. New reader. I will pray for you and your need for energy and peace. I am praying for a miracle - both in work and personal life.

  2. Prayers. <3 Also, props for coming up with a Chesterton quote I'd never heard before.

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Christie.

    I'm praying for you.

    And I've never heard that Chesterton quote before but I uttered a reactionary "yes!" when I read it, so yes, I quite agree. And I pinned it to my Chesterton board. :)

  4. Praying for you, Christie. Lots of hugs as you middle through this.

  5. Oh dear; so sorry; take care of yourself; drink water, ... and perhaps have probiotics to help with the antibiotics... a yogurt perhaps? will pray for you...

  6. I'm catching up on all your posts; I do hope you feel better. And those photos are breathtaking!


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