The More Things Change . . .

Feb. 5, Feast of St. Agatha, who, when asked why she lived the servile life of a Christian, replied: "I am a handmaid of Christ, and that is why I bear the outward appearance of a slave; yet this is the highest nobility, to be a slave to Christ."  Agatha is patroness against breast cancer and breast disease; against fire, earthquakes, natural disasters, volcanic eruptions, and fire; patroness of jewelers, martyrs, nurses, rape victims, single laywomen, victims of torture, and wet-nurses.

. . . the more they stay the same?

About every six months, I go through a restless stage with this blog; rethinking about how I use this space and how I want to move forward with it.  You may have noticed slight changes, trimming of the fat.  More than ever right now I feel like I want simplicity here.  It is a tranquil place to me, a hobby that has become a kind of therapy, a means to connect with like-minded people, and a place where I can speak freely to sympathetic ears.  I think this means moving away from the typical bloggy look--lots of gadets/widgets, fancy clipart, and busy posts--toward a clean aesthetic.  Think Oh, Comely magazine.  Or Real Simple.  More than anything, I want to focus on my words and my pictures.

With my basic knowledge in html, I was able to relocate the navigation to the very tippy-top of EtS.  I put my blogroll in a separate page to avoid clutter, so don't be concerned if you don't see your blog on the left side any more.  You're still there!  (Please take a moment to look into my favorite blogs, if you never have before)  This is also advantageous for my strong temptation to click the productive hours of the day away every time I see one of my subscriptions updated.  With this set-up now, I'm more likely to wait for Bloglovin' to send me notifications.

In addition to these aesthetic changes, I want to move toward a content-shift as well.  Who knows if I'll really achieve this, but my hopes are to implement the following

  • do less link-ups and offer more original content (we'll see . . .)
  • start posting original fiction and poetry from time to time, like Kristyn
  • invite my blog role models and friends to write guest posts
  • see if I can't make a small income with affiliate links and, eventually, maybe even sponsorship

I guess it's hard because I'm still developing a blog voice, and I'm not sure if it's ever going to settle down into something definite.  Some days, I feel like this is a philosophical, debating hub; other times, a collection of small reflections; yet other times, an ongoing endless barrage of lists of pretty things, grand plans for crafting and cooking, and books.  Hence the very appropriate name of this blog.  A blog about everything, and anything.  How ridiculous is that?

Things I'm definitely going to continue, however, are:

  • honing my photography skills by sharing tips and joining in link-ups
  • noting our precise location in the liturgical season at the beginning of each new day's post
  • continue my sort-of series on the liturgical lifestyle

Beyond the blog, there are even bigger changes on the horizon, which I'm not quite ready yet to reveal to the world at large.

Now let me ask you: what have you liked so far about Everything to Someone?  What do you enjoy reading here, what catches your interest, what keeps you coming back, if at all?  What can I offer you in the future?

Would you be interested in/willing to contribute a guest post?



  1. Beautiful photos and words! I enjoy being able to keep up with your life, even from New Hampshire.

    I have started blogging again as well, at

    1. Hurray! Blogging is an adventure in self-discovery, I think you'll enjoy starting it up again. <3

  2. I love your thoughts and goals. I cannot wait to watch this blog grow!

  3. I'm finally finding a clear direction in my blog and I'd be happy to do a guest post sometime, since we seem to be on similar paths. I do love the clean look of your blog, and (also being an amateur medievalist) love the references to anything from that era, anything Catholic, and anything celtic.

  4. I like the aesthetic. :) And I'm a firm believer that blogs can modulate in theme and voice with the life of the blogger! Mine's about to go through another shift, and I'm not worried about it, just pondering the specifics of how to keep it valuable and interesting for myself and the people who already visit.

    I love the brief liturgical commentary at the top of each post--that's one of my favorite little things you've added to your blog!

    And I'm possibly up for guest posting sometime, though I'll be busy re-regulating my own posting (and lifestyle) over the next few weeks here. :)

  5. As I'm new here (found you through the 52 project link up) I can just say, from the little I've seen:
    I love your photography, and how you write.

    I will come back, and gave you a follow through bloglovin


  6. You have a very peaceful voice and the same with your photography.

  7. You know I love you and your blog, I'm sure you'll only get better and better!

    If you want me to guest post sometime just let me know!

  8. A week or so ago, I somehow found your post on why you should watch "Sherlock" (which I loved). You are now in my Feedly. :) I always like it when spiritual writers engage with popular culture as that post did. I also like the liturgical reflections/reminders at the start of each post.

    Enjoy the blogging journey!


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