Today // Project Snapshot

Feb. 4, Feast of St. Andrew Corsini, bishop and confessor.

Feeling  //  sleepy, the good kind.  The kind of sleepy you feel after a good night's rest and a hard morning's work and the satisfaction of tasks accomplished.  Of contentedness and a midday power nap.

Seeing  //  these oriental blossoms that bloom on a small tree in my parent's garden in late January-early February.  It's a short bloom: a week, week and a half at most.  And it strikes every time anew how fleeting yet how familiar this short time of year is.  Like an old friend rarely seen but always cherished.

Smelling  //  the vanilla-scented candle my coworker gave me.

Tasting  //  buttered toast from this morning's breakfast.

Listening  //  the Juno soundtrack I loved and lost too long ago but found again on Youtube.

Grateful  //  for days without work.  Working for money, I mean.  The older I get, the more of a distributist and less of a capitalist I become.

Reading  //  Lepanto by G.K. Chesterton.  As a whole, it is one of the most superior poems I've ever read.  But I'm still partial to The Ballad of the White Horse, for obvious reasons--saints, Gaels, and the Matter of Britain!

Loving  //  my little boy, whose sudden burst of speech has helped me to overlook the frustrations and see the ravenous affection that was always there.

Hoping  //  for a smooth month; there is much to do; lots of planning, lots of changes, but I am hopeful.



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