March 24, Feast of St. Catherine of Sweden, daughter of St. Bridget, who petitioned for her mother's canonization in Rome.

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Afon: with his new favorite bear, Rupert, which belonged to his uncle and then father when they were very young.  He humors me by standing against the wall so that I can "teek uh piture."

Yesterday, John took Afon on a father-son trip to a Cadbury chocolate factory, and left me without any money and no fast-friendly food in the house.  So rather than do the noble thing and subsist on apples and bananas for the day, I broke fast completely and indulged in all my favorite British foods I've been missing: cherry bakewells, a pork pie, prawn cocktail flavored crisps (chips), a cuppa tea with milk and sugar, Jammy Dodgers, and a chesse and chutney sandwich, with sharp Welsh cheese and caramel onion chutney.  Gluttony, thy name is Christie.  The only thing missing was a Cornish pasty.

Back to fasting today.  But I get some consolation from the maple syrup in my tea.

Afon is resilient and seems to be transitioning well enough to his new environment.  He now has a partner-in-crime to indulge together in their junk-food addictions.  (And I don't mean me!)



  1. it takes a lot of time to adjust when you are an adult and to relearn communication with one's other half... much love to you...

  2. I was offline for two weeks while with family and just caught up on your blog. How lovely Wales is! And how truly wonderful that you are finally reunited as a family! But I see that you and your husband need ongoing prayers for financial sufficiency, so you'll stay on my prayer list.

    1. Oh gosh, Anna, thank you so much! We are actually okay now that we are here in the UK. It's just tight, but we won't be wanting for the necessities. John was unable to receive disability benefits in the US because he wasn't a citizen. And for some strange! reason! I made too much money with my two part-time jobs to get other benefits besides food stamps, and that wasn't enough with rent and everything. So we are really much better off here!


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