Five Favorites (vol. 51): Lenten Essentials

1  //  coconut milk
2  //  Annie's Naturals Goddess salad dressing
3  //  unsweetened almond milk
4  //  lentils
5  //  Vegenaise

Mid-Lent calls for a Lenten fast line-up.  I mentioned many of these last year, but I'm discovering how much I loved them now that I can't find them.  They or similar products are probably available at a bigger store like Tesco or Morrisons, but within walking-distance are Aldi or the Co-Op, and they limit their stock to English and Welsh staples.  Delicious!  But very buttery.

These products aren't just great for Lent but for any time, and I made use of them all year long.  The coconut milk (for cooking, not drinking) is an essential for Thai curry.  Lentils go in lots of soups and the occasional Indian experiment.  Vegenaise is a good substitute for mayonnaise; just don't expect it to taste exactly the same and enjoy it for what it is, and it's delicious!  And a tip from the experienced non-dairy milk drinker: if you get something like almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, etc., look carefully at the label to make sure that it says unsweetened.  They sneak in a ton of sugar to make it taste nice, and I don't blame "them," but if you're aiming for a healthy option, there's no need for the extra calories.

Hope you're Lent is going well.  See more community favorites at Moxie Wife.



  1. it takes time to figure out where things are and how to get them. Be patient; you can't be expected to use what you can't have. It will all come into place but it takes time; moving always does. hang in there and remember that doing what we can with thankfulness and love towards other goes far. love to you!!

    Lent is not an easy time; I have again come against the fact that there is much in life that is simply not in our control ... and we just have to be patient, keep praying and try to love those we are near... lots of love to you!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I should just call you my life coach! ;)

    2. just speaking of what I am learning also myself :)

  2. Aldi is no good for free-from foods (although I think I've seen them stock red lentils before) but Co-Op do have a pretty decent free-from aisle, as long as it's a larger store! You might have better luck if you have a health food shop nearby.

    Where in Wales are you living? xxx


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