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Click it good!  Here are some new and tasty things around EtS you might have missed.

My guests posts on other blogs:

Essential Literature for Catholics  //  Messy Wife, Blessed Life 
Jesus in the Tardis  //  Carrots for Michaelmas

Guest posts on EtS:

Seven Gifts in Seven Days by Genarita Grobarek 
Expressions of Love: Holding onto the Gay People in Your Catholic Life by Jenna St. Hilaire

Favorite recent posts by other bloggers:

Lenten Gift Guide  //  This Ain't the Lyceum 
The lazy nerd's guide to weight loss  //  Conversion Diary 
Turning towards Lent  //  fountains of home 
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Meditations on the Tarot series  //  Cyganeria   
Pretty Girls Have Inner Beauty, Too!  //  Cyganeria 
Fashion Was Easier When Women Wore Corsets  //  Don't Forget the Avocados

Recent new blog discoveries:

A Thousand Generations 
Conscious Earth Living  
Amongst Lovely Things

Let's call this a post and call it a day!  Thanks Jen of Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Posts in 7 Days!



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