April 6, Fifth Sunday of Lent, Passion Sunday.

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Afon: he's been ill this week and threw up several times, but is impossible to get to rest.  This is a rare moment of triumph for Mama.

An uneventful week.  I realized last night while I lay in bed that I was feeling homesick for our old, beautiful apartment back in Florida, for the first time.  And you know what triggered it?  Thinking about my lovely, superior functioning washing machine and dryer.  That I sold for $200 together (!!).  Missing them terribly now, with the washing machine that locks tight as soon as you turn it on, so you can't add a article of clothing you missed--now it's stuck and apparently broken; and the dryer that just heats up the clothes more than dries them, but the dampness outside keeps line-drying from being very efficient.  And they're all. so. tiny!  I have to make three loads out of what would have been one in my old laundry set.  How do British people with large families keep up with all the laundry?



  1. I feel your pain! Our washer is good (Japanese technology and all that), but no dryer. Rainy season is coming, and I'm not looking forward to laundry all over the place again!

  2. I hate the safety features on British washing machines. They are designed so once theh cycle starts you cannot open them if u forgot to out something in the wash. It's so that children can't fall in. You can still buy open top washing machines but are hard to find. A lot of people in the uk don't have driers. I haven't had one but they are useful. We do the washing every day tho. While I think Americas do it less so need bigger appliances.

  3. My family is only small, but with one in cloth nappies I'm washing every day. The trick is not to bring the washing in "just because it's raining," sometimes it get dry faster than it gets wet! Only in the Atlantic Archipelago, eh?


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