Seven Quick Takes: Volume 31

April 4, Feast of St. Isidore, bishop and doctor; he mastered all branches of knowledge and was one of the most read scholars of the middle ages.  Brother of St. Leander and personal friend of St. Gregory the Great, he is patron of computers, computer technicians, computer users, students, and the internet.  And Everything to Someone!

-- 1 --

Today is our patron's feast day on EtS.  That gets a whole take, don't you think?  Happy Feast of St. Isidore!  (See what Pope Benedict XVI has to say about St. Isidore.)

I wanted to do a little something to celebrate around here, but I'm feeling fatigued today.  I've had some dizziness over the last week and a two nosebleeds yesterday, following the general symptoms of a bad cold the week before.  Do you think it could be an ear infection?  I've never had one before.

-- 2 --

Publications update:

  • Two poems and three photographs were accepted for publication in my alma mater's literary magazine, Sandhill Review.  Unfortunately, the Sandhill is only available as a hard copy.
  • Rose Red Review accepted some photographs for the spring issue which goes live on April 22.
  • Other submissions still in-progress are for Fairy Tale Review, Poetry Wales, and Dappled Things.

And if I can settle down and concentrate on writing again, there are several half-finished pieces I have that might be suitable elsewhere.  (If you have a minute and you haven't already, check out my Publications page for links to previously published fiction and poetry.)

-- 3 --

I finished watching the three seasons of Portlandia available on Netflix, and the percentage of content on that show that is applicable to my life is eerie.  Seriously, have I really never been to Oregon?  Is Oregon like the Wales of the United States?  I would wear practically everything Carrie Brownstein wears on that show, except for fleece vests and hiking shorts.

Does this mean I'm a hipster?

-- 4 --

The beginning of this is especially relevant:

Re-applying for deferment yet again.  Gee, that Master's degree was so useful.

-- 5 --

Remember when education used to actually count for something?  All you needed to do was get that Bachelor's degree, and you'd be putting a down payment on your own house in a few years!  Am I the only one who thinks that spending all that time, money, and energy on education would have been better channeled toward tangible skills I could use for myself rather than a third-party company that gives me money so that I can buy those things I'd otherwise be making/using for myself?

It's funny because it's so true, and then it turns the joke on its head!  And let's be honest, that would probably be me making furniture.  :P


What?  I know it's a joke . . . maybe.

-- 6 --

Or the backup plan of everybody: let's not deny that I've thought of this many times, with an abundance of chest-heaving sighs and rose-tinted glasses.

Event-planning, delivering groceries to the elderly, landscaping, making jewelry . . . it's a good thing I'm convicted of my writing vocation and am utterly focused (ha!) because that sounds like me and my wannabe-ness to a T.  But with crocheting.

Told you Portlandia was scarily relevant.

-- 7 --

I made this little liturgical graphic for the month of April.  Basically swiped from  Feel free to pin and/or print.  Combine with Haley's Feast and enjoy!

Looking forward to Eastertide and a heap of liturgical goodness!  Now I'm going to go lie down and wait for the drunken feeling to subside.  In the meantime, is there anything can I can offer up for you?

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  1. Oh no poor you!!!!! Sorry you're feeling dizzy and bad!

    I loved your little saint list though for this month!!!

    ..I can see you being an amazing grocery-girl (because I imagine such a happy, Welsh world, with you on a rickshaw with Afon riding in back among the bright fabric shopping bag and bundles of flowers...It's such a nice thought..but event planning would be fun could be photographer AND event planner, with the photographer's eye for putting things together...that could be great too..but then you have all the issues of which events you want to plan and which you really don't.. payments..I can't even imagine bachelors + masters...scary. We need to work out a new system of higher ed..

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well. I have had more ear infections than a person should be subject to in one lifetime - pretty much from birth until now. I rarely feel dizzy - if it's a real inner ear infection you will know by the pain. You may have some swelling and fluid retention in there that's making you dizzy if you're getting over a head cold. I'll say a prayer for quick recovery!

  3. I hope you feel better soon!

    I too have the heavy weight of student loans on my shoulders, including a master's degree that is required for my job but that was quite expensive for the salary I receive I tell myself that each small payment is a step forward, and moving forward is good. Since I value my undergraduate education and my current job (although in many ways I loathed grad school), I try to reframe it positively in my mind. Then it seems worth it, for the most part. If you loved your undergraduate and graduate studies, then it was worth it.

    Also, we are not alone! I do think we need a better and more affordable form of higher education. I also think we should be learning tangible skills, but that's another discussion entirely :)

  4. yes, this is a huge problem (Education and not employable education/shift in our culture/etc.).... do you have a telehealth nurse program where you are? I know I did in Canada; was free to call a nurse; I would call and ask; of course they probably would say 'see a doctor' but may have some suggestions too. take care of yourself. make sure you drink enough water; I know that can throw me off; and perhaps watch caffeine intake; I had to quit my cherry coke habit I had as a teen because of caffeine. God keep you well; will light a candle for you!

    Good job with the publications etc! :)

  5. Congratulations on your publications! I like the little changes you have made here on the blog ... although I also liked your other logo you used to have in the upper left hand corner.


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