April 13, Palm Sunday.

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Afon:  a rare photo-smile standing next to the phone booth.

We got up early and went to Conwy on Friday, which was perfect luck, because the temperature dropped and the sun hid its face immediately after for the rest of the weekend.  It was a mother-son outing.  We brought our own lunches, and the bus ride took over an hour with all the stops and back-roads.

I thought he would be extraordinarily interested by the resident castle in Conwy (and my personal favorite in Wales), but he wasn't.  So rather than spend the extra money for admission, we went down to the quay where this picture was taken, stopped in at the library, strolled in town, petted the tame hawks and owls in the garden next to the Knight Shop, and bought some penny sweets.  Wine gums are my favorite.   I might have stolen one or two or ten.

We popped our heads into a small child's shoe store, and Afon immediately took to a primary color pair.  Since he'd been needing new shoes anyway, we bought them one size up, so he can have them well into summer.



  1. What a charming word picture of Conwy and your day there. And how amazing to see that the phone booth can also be used for email! How does that work?


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