Welsh Daybook (a.m.)

April 12, Feast of Pope St. Julius I, a staunch defender of the Faith against the Arian heresy.

7:55 am  //  wake, morning offering

8:00 am  //  dress, wash face

8:10 am  //  start laundry

8:20 am  //  breakfast

8:40 am  //  reply to Facebook messages and emails

9:05 am  //  brush teeth, apply makeup

9:15 am  //  meditation

9:40 am  //  study Welsh

10:10 am  //  Afon wakes--feed, dress, tend to Afon

10:45 am  //  wash dishes, tidy up, chores, laundry

12:00 noon  //  lunch


This is just a basic outline.  Some days start later, and the time slots are rounded off.  Some days I don't get a good start at all; others, I give up halfway through, or have some errand calling me away from the house.  This is an ideal morning.

Some things I've learned:

  • If at all possible, I ought to dress first thing in the morning.  It gives me a sense of something already accomplished and a demeanor prepared to face the day.  I tend to want to put it off because I take a long time choosing outfits.  I suppose I could lay out something the night before, but that's a bit too proactive for my personality. 
  • Clean as you go.  It saves you from having to do one big clean later on and reduces anxiety.  (It really helps if you can teach this nifty trick to your husband!  I'm still working on that one.) 
  • If I'm feeling a bit under the weather or depressed, for any reason, give myself a free pass for the day and rest or do something emotionally fortifying, like reading a good book or going for a meandering walk.  If I feel renewed afterward, I can pick up where I left off.  If not, the tasks and tidying will still be there tomorrow! 
  • Try to have something special planned for every day.  It breaks up the monotony and gives a sense of purpose.  So far, I've had: Welsh class, writing session at the library, Mama-toddler playgroup, planting seeds with Afon. 
  • Laundry is the alchemical key to eternity.  (Note to self: put this in a book some day.)



  1. Sounds like a wonderful routine! I'm a little in shock, though. I have never had a child that would sleep so late!! It wasn't until my older two became teens that they ever slept later than 7:00. I'm a little jealous!

    1. Well Sue, he goes to bed rather later and doesn't take naps! It's like he's allergic to sleep or something. Constant struggle. So when he wakes up late, I try to get take advantage of that time. ;)

  2. It sounds like a lovely morning. I'm so glad you take advantage of time before he wakes up. I can't imagine not waking up to instant chaos!

    1. Some mornings he does wake me up! This is just an ideal morning. *winkwink*


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