Feeling . . . physically burnt out from a week of the flu and then a seeming cold, which I suspect is my frivolous Easter eating catching up to me!

Seeing . . . the wind shake out the leaves and branches in the back garden.

Tasting . . . wok noodles stirred up in the frying pan with eggs and vegetable oil.  Too lazy and/or tired to peel garlic and chop onions.

Listening . . . to "Just Breathe" by Anna Nalick.  Jenna, this one's for you!

Reading . . . Writing 21st Century Fiction by Donald Maas.  Good and worth a read, but repetitive after having read Maas's Writing the Breakout Novel.  Still, it's good to drive the lesson home.

Working . . . on the prototype for a crochet collar.  I need to order some finer yarn to make it more like lace.

Grateful . . . that I can be a stay-at-home mom at last!

Hoping . . . for better health; to weed out the impurities in my diet and find some coconut oil and gluten-free foods around here; to exercise regularly; and a productive summer.



  1. I LOVE "Just Breathe" by Anna Nalick! Now I'm going to be singing it all evening.

    Feel better!!! Emails coming soon, after I have just a wee bit more reading time!

  2. oh honey, I am so sorry for the illnesses you are having. take some time to rest. it's so hard, the first year of a move and you have a young one and a family you are reestablishing. remember that as they say 'Rome was not built in a day'... sending Hugs and lots of love! God is with you!

  3. <3

    feel better! And I'm so happy for you that you're able to stay home with Afon now!!!!!!


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