Seven Quick Takes: Volume 6

 -- 1 --

Today at work, a woman came in and bought six Cuban sandwiches with her EBT (food stamp) card. 

It took me about forty-five minutes for to make them all, what with having to cut new meat because we ran out of kits, answer the phone and take a cake order, and just generally hurry back and forth along the counter on which was spread three foot-long loaves of bread, sliced longways and then cut in half.

She was patient and perfectly civil, but I can't help but wonder what $36 worth of sandwiches could buy in groceries for a truly needy family.  Thoughts?

-- 2 --

 Have you seen this one?

To see the research behind this and the other videos, visit the website.

Overpopulation is a myth; but that's not the point.  In a characteristically Catholic "to-hell-with-what's-popular," know-it-all kind of way, Flannery O'Connor is as right as left's opposite when she says:

The Church’s stand on birth control is the most absolutely spiritual of all her stands, and with all of us being materialists at heart, there is little wonder that it causes unease.  I wish various fathers would quit trying to defend it by saying that the world can support 40 billion.  I will rejoice in the day when they say: This is right, whether we all rot on top of each other or not, dear children, as we certainly may.  Either practice restraint or prepare for crowding . . .

-- 3 --

While we're on Flannery O'Connor, I sent for her published letters, The Habit of Being, from the library and was taken aback at how large it is.  Though I don't know why.  It's not like she would have sent a lot of e-mails.

I think I'm going to have to buy this one, and not just because it is too long to finish in the course of a single library loan period.

-- 4 --

Around the house:


-- 5 --

School's started, and I'm on the substitute teacher's list at Saint Anthony School.  This means, I've moved my meat maiding to weekends only, to be better available for something I much prefer and which can actually lend help to me in a future career.

But it also means that I won't be any freer than usual.

To those who know me well, and know me well enough to know I've a medical aversion to picking up the telephone, this won't change much.

-- 6 --

Here's a trick I've learned from working at the deli sandwhich bar.

To make a Phili cheese steak sandwich:

    slice roast beef, mushrooms, green bell peppers, and red onions
    mix them all together in a bowl with provolone cheese
    microwave or cook on the stove
    spread onto a loaf of Italian bread slathered with heart attack-inducing may; yum!

-- 7 --

Obligatory baba picture:



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