{Pretty, happy, funny, real}



 (1) Big boots, little boots. (2) Wall art. (3) Nail polish. (4) Yesterday's moon.


The love between my son and my sister.


(1) The dog takes the opportunity to relieve himself during our photo shoot. (2) Oh, hello!  What are you two doing there?  Monkey and sippy cup hang in the dirty linens basket.


(1) Rainy day. (2) The mud, a week later.

This week, I shot all my pictures in RAW format.  My photographs came out darker but truer to color, which was neat.  RAW takes up a lot of space on the memory disk, but it's supposed to be better for editing.

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  1. The dog looks just like my dog, Fred!

  2. Sweet pictures! I need to take more pictures. :)

  3. Love these photos! The one with the dog made me laugh especially. We've been dealing with some...um...relief issues with our dog this week. I can't believe we haven't managed to get a photo!

    Came from Like Mother, Like Daughter. Glad I stopped by!


  4. Love the way you set this up....YOU take gorgeous pictures!!! Thank you for stopping by my bloggy...neat Chesterton quote! :)


  5. oooh, I've wondered about shooting in RAW. I'd need to dig out my camera manual, though, to figure out how to switch.

    I love the big boots/little boots photo.

  6. Oh, that photo of the diapered one with Teddy!


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